Testing and Marking of Precious Metals Articles

Control and testing are main activities of the Assay Office. The process consists of finding and verifying the fineness and prescribed condition of the goods, both are stipulated by the Hallmarking Act No. 94/2013 Coll. The result of the control and testing is the official marking of the goods with a hallmark corresponding to the legal standard of fineness, or in other way stipulated by the Act.

Fineness testing is performed by:

  • non-destructive testing on a touchstone,
  • other non-destructive method (XRF),
  • chemical analysis.

Marking of precious metal articles

Permanent marking of articles with a hallmark is performed by mechanical imprint of a stamp.

Testing of Precious Metals Articles

  • Fineness Testing

    non-destructive testing on a touchstone
  • Fineness Testing

    other non-destructive method (XRF)
  • Fineness Testing

    chemical analysis
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